Shopping with Toddlers, Then and Now

When I had four young children at home there was enough pushing, shoving, toy grabbing, and cheerio tossing in the triple stroller to keep my three non-walkers occupied while I shopped.  A generation later when the grand-munchkin arrived I was thrilled at how much easier it was to get a single stroller through the door at JC Penney.  However as time went on he sat up and grew bored. I discovered that traveling with one active child, as angelic as he is, was going to require some degree of entertainment. Voila! The addition of some educational apps and a couple of Disney movies to grandma’s iPod and we were set for a day at the furniture warehouse store.


In the old days pacifiers and toys were attached to the stroller with a piece of elastic to facilitate search and rescue. iPods aren’t as easy to tie down so we do have to keep a close eye on the device  to ensure that it isn’t lost overboard or traded to a passerby for a less valuable trinket.


My imagination wanders to the capabilities of the next generation’s strollers. Techno travel pods with chillers for organic yogurt, integrated iPads accessorized with yogurt removing towelettes, surround sound, and a communication system to transmit soothing words from Momma to baby without breaking the jogging stride to bend down and make actual eye contact.


I think I’m starting to miss that old package of elastic.


And Now a Word From You

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